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Graphic design is quite broad concept and has a great impact on users. It also covers not only the Internet but also other areas of business. Simple solutions are usually the best, but also the most demanding. We’ll design integrated graphical image of your company, your slogans and last but not least your personal and business thinking or belief.


We believe that it is important to have a well-designed website that remains long in the memory. But well-designed web site does not mean that it is also useful. The aim of the web site is mainly to strengthen your brand or your business identity on the market. We'll make design interaktiv and useful.

Responsive Design

With all those gadgets and resolutions that are currently on market is responsive design a key funktion that every web site should contain. We are working with one of the most popular framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites.

Twitter Bootstrap

CMS Integration

Most efficient, fast and secure way to build web sites is to use an open-source. We are designing custom templates and implement them in Wordpress, Joomla 3 and Typo3. We will help you create useful, practical and effective tool to communicate with your target audience.

Joomla 3

Web Design

Helena Javornik

Helena Javornik

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Ihr Virtual Professional Office

Lena Park

Vila bloki »LENA PARK«

Energetska izkaznica stavbe

podjetje za izdelavo energetskih izkaznic

Weinagentur Erben

We sell wine

Helena Javornik

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Protim.e d.o.o

Helena Javornik

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Graphic Design

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Vedno modna, vedno v trendu

Energetska izkaznica stavbe

podjetje za izdelavo energetskih izkaznic

Tek po mariborskih gričih

Protim.e d.o.o

Mariborski rekreativni kros

Protim.e d.o.o

Mariborski mestni tek

Protim.e d.o.o



Multimedia Designer

My "career" started with Commodore games and later with Windows 3.1. First I was focused on system workaround but as time goes by other stuff attracted my intention too.

My earlier jobs have led me from system administration to graphic design, animation, photography, video editing, and UX. So in time my hobbies became my job and opposite.

As a multimedia designer I do not want to specialize in only one area, so whenever I need to learn something new, I will be glad to do it. Although my main interest still stays the Web.

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